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Success Trading Group

The Success Trading Group service delivers quality trading ideas for the elite investor that has the financial wherewithal and market nimbleness to profit on small moves in a stock's price. The Success Trading Group closed 7 years with 0 losses on our Main Trade Table. In fact, they closed 100% winning trades for the calendar years 2016, 2015, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009 (they had 1 losing trade in 2014). Each weekend the Success Trading Group is highlighted in our free weekend newsletter.

Stock Split Report

The Stock Split Report provides you the very best information to maximize your success in making money on stock splits. This is a powerful methodology for consistently winning in the stock market because it focuses on the leaders, those stocks that are outperforming the market in both price and fundamentals. Thus the Stock Split Report is able to take the best of the market: leadership stocks and a powerful strategy, and combine those to give you an edge in your investing.

This 'one-two' punch delivers consistent returns in both up markets and down markets because as we have seen, even in the throes of a bear market there are sectors that outperform and announce stock splits. By focusing on leadership stocks we automatically move to the strongest market sectors, and when we overlay the stock split strategy these leaders give us even stronger returns.

Covered Call Report

The Covered Call service helps cut your research time by 90% or more! The Covered Call service reviews its 8 covered call tables each day and provides you with one covered call play every weekend in the free newsletter. This is from the same service you can find at the well-respected CoveredCall.Com website.

IH Alert Service

The InvestmentHouse.com IH Alert Service, provides VERY detailed market insights, expert technical analysis and market alerts. The IH Alert Service provides insights each weekend on one of the "Best Play" stocks from all of the InvestmentHouse.com's nightly newsletter services. Complete with video links and specific action point (Buy, Target Hit, Stop, Trailing Stop).

Dividend Trader Service

The Dividend Trader service focuses on the "best of the best" dividend paying stocks. Each weekend you will receive information on one specific stock that we are looking for short-term gains. Additionally, from time to time the service will also review stocks for their powerful dividend producing income with a purpose to make capital gains as the stock increases in value.